New MGA casino front-end on GiG Magic system

MALTA, 3rd April 2023: MAXCREATE is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term agreement and will collaborate with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) to build, launch and maintain a new MGA licensed casino front-end on their GiG Magic platform for their client's brand Palasino.

MAXCREATE has been working with Gaming Innovation Group since 2015 and has delivered several online casino solutions using GiG Core and GiG Magic systems. Gaming Innovation Group has once again entrusted MAXCREATE with delivering a complete front-end casino that is fully compliant with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) regulations in time.

Palasino, a brand forming part of TWHE, which has operated for over 25 years in the retail casino industry, was acquired by the Hong Kong-based international development specialist Far East Consortium (FEC) in 2018. Operating a range of casinos and boutique hotels across Europe, the group, which has interests in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria, have pursued plans to expand operations, elevating its status as a premier brand in the European gaming and hospitality markets.

Kenneth Schembri, the founder of MAXCREATE, said about the collaboration: “We have worked with GiG for more than ten years, and they are one of our preferred casino platform partners. Their technical documentation and resources are second to none. We will deliver our stand-alone front-end solution fully integrated with the GiG Magic system, which includes several gamification features configured on our AWS network infrastructure.” He added that MAXCREATE will provide enterprise-level support and maintenance post-launch, ensuring the front end is constantly updated with the latest updates and optimisations. 

The casino launch is expected later in 2023. 

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