Custom Development

With years of experience and a passion for striking work, our top developers stay at the forefront of technology, ready to deliver even your most complex requirements.

Wide Range of
Custom Development

Looking for something one-of-a-kind? Whether you are after web or mobile app development, our team is here to help.

  • Visual UI
    to CSS

  • React.JS

  • Node.JS

  • Custom

  • Mobile Development

  • GraphQL

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Full Stack Development

We are passionate about JavaScript and strongly believe in unified JS technologies for all our advanced custom development projects.

Our favourite blend of tech-stack is Node, React and React Native.

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Mobile Development

Our mobile app team is experienced with a wide range of mobile app development tools. Our strength lies particularly with React Native which enable us to deliver enterprise-grade requirements.

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Establishing a well-designed API system at the core of our newer projects enables us to centralise all backend operations. GraphQL API is our preferred method of handling the most complex operations in the most organised manner.

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AWS Infrastructure

The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive and reliable Cloud Computing environment available. When it comes to hosting our casino front-end platforms, we work only with AWS partners and our own expert DevOps to manage all operations.

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Project Management & Quality Control

We offer planning and observation by experienced technical architects and projects managers who are passionate individuals ensuring extensive quality control and full documentation for your custom project.

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