Custom Turnkey Solution

Our premium, scalable solution custom-crafted to facilitate your enterprise’s unique and specific vision. 

Enterprise Level

Built from the ground up to your exact specifications, our custom turnkey solution is the last word in bespoke, cutting-edge quality on any casino platform you choose.

What’s more, you get your own Intellectual Property rights granted in the package. 

Get exclusive casino platform deals through us!

  • Your own player gamification

  • Tailored to your exact specifications

  • Full coding documentation provided

  • Your own IP rights granted

  • Powerful Node.JS + React.JS tech-stack

  • Dedicated Quality Assurance

0.1 What’s Included

Extensive Research & Planning

Every exceptional project begins with a plan, and our highly motivated team leaders will research every detail to ensure your site is expertly crafted from start to finish.

0.2 What’s Included

Expert Development

With years of experience, our top developers stay at the forefront of technology, ready to deliver even your most complex requirements.

Our latest solution is built primarily using our favourite blend of JavaScript technology, Node.JS, React.JS and React Native for native mobile app development.

0.3 What’s Included

Dedicated QA Team

Before your project is up and running, your specially assigned team will ensure every aspect works flawlessly and is fully compliant with your gaming licenses.

0.4 What’s Included

Handcrafted Design

We treat every project as its own work of art. Our team of passionate designers are carefully chosen for their commitment to creating maximum-impact UI/UX visuals, employing the latest techniques and capabilities to deliver truly one-of-a-kind results. 

0.5 Optional

Custom Character Graphics

We have built some of the most iconic legendary characters with impressive details. How about a superhero for your brand?

Feeling like our premium package suits you the best?

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