Pre-Built Casinos

Our best-selling package, these tried-and-tested, high-quality solutions will be on the market in record time and work with any compatible casino platform. 

Low-cost and quick to hit the market

Hit the ground running with a fully equipped white-label casino solution complete with a powerful CMS tool.

  • Flexible solutions on any compatible platform.

  • Ready in 30 days! *

  • Proven player conversion features.

  • Feature-rich back-office.

  • Low-cost maintenance.

  • Our best-selling package!

* Ready in 30 days using standard features and compatible platforms

0.1 Feature

Intuitive Registration

Get players onboard fast with an easy-to-follow player registration interface including progress bar and smart automated bonus triggers.

0.2 Feature

Rapid Deposit Options

Ensure quick, seamless payments with easy-access, flexible deposit options that won’t interrupt players’ gaming activities. 

0.3 Feature

Advanced game search filters

Enable even the most exacting VIP players to find their specific gaming requirements fast with speedy and powerful search options.

0.4 Feature

Multi-Game Play

Maximize VIP player enjoyment by offering multiple gameplay simultaneously.

0.5 Feature

Fun Player Actions

Keep players focused on their goals and boost excitement with a dynamic set of actions, headlines and options.

0.6 Feature


Boost player engagement by providing automated races, leaderboards, prize pools and more! 

0.7 Feature


Customise your own triggers independent of those provided by the casino platform and offer user journeys, levels and more!

0.8 Feature


Make festive seasons and any special event more fun and present a road-map of promotions.

09. Feature

Wheel of Fortune

Reward players tokens and give them a chance at the Wheel of Fortune to win bigger prizes as they progress with points and levels.

Think our pre-built casino might be what you’re looking for?

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